Poison Ivy (1992) IMDB 5.10(9 452) Full Movie Download

original title: Poison Ivy
rating: 5.10(9 452)
The U.S.
Thriller, drama
Director: Catt SHi. starring: Sara Gilbert, drew Barrymore, Tom Skerrit, Cheryl Ladd, Alan Runoff, …
running time: , 93 min.
release date: 1992


In preference of a private school there are two girls, which unites, perhaps, only hatred of everything the mankind. One of them, Sylvia Cooper, the daughter of a famous producer, once a call to the TV channel, where the works of her father, and announces that the building was a bomb. This terrible trick attracted to Sylvia’s attention Ayvi.Ayvi – orphans, living in the care of a wealthy aunt. In a private school, she was able to get only thanks to the special scholarships. Sylvia and her are friends. She moved out of the house of aunt in gracious living quarters Sylvia and her parents, brazenly and tenacious, like poison ivy, introduced in someone else’s family. Moreover, that she has a bad influence on his girlfriend, she seduces her father, trying to remove from the road Sylvia’s mother, to become a full and sole mistress of a luxury home.

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